Stubby style rubber Antenna

Stubby style rubber antenna (13.5")
Here is a cool mod for your Grand Am, these durable rubber antenna's will fit all 1996-2005 Grand Am models (this will not work as a replacement for power antennas though). This antenna is 13.5" long and doesn't get in the way. Your factory antenna is about 30.5" long- so this antenna is less than half the size. This antenna won't come loose like the stock antenna often does. Your radio reception will remain the same as it was before, antenna works the same for your AM/FM reception. Some people have told me reception was better with this antenna- but my reception remained the same. Installation of this Antenna is simple - just use a crescent wrench to loosen your exisiting antenna and spin it off your car. Now you can spin the new Stubby Style Antenna onto your car with your hands! Simple! SHIPPING IS FREE.

Grand Am Stubby Style rubber antenna- $16.50 each -
we do not have many of these left. please email us to order.