Headlight Eyebrows

Headlight Eyebrows (pair) $20.00
with blinker window

without blinker window

Headlight eyebrows cover the corners of your headlights to give your car a custom look . Installation is extremely difficult, we include detailed instructions on how to install them but we recommend you have a local window tinter install them with a heatgun - A heatgun/hairdryer is needed to install these correctly. If you know how to heat shrink window tint, this install will be easy for you. You have the option of buying these as a solid piece... or you can add a "nickel sized" blinker window so your yellow blinker will show through. We have these in many different colors, (colors listed below). The car shown above has RED Headlight Eyebrows. Vinyl is outdoor grade and is very durable. SHIPPING is Free for this item .

Headlight Eyebrows (pair)$20.00 - We have them in the following colors: Black, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, Silver, Burgandy, Yellow, Light red, Dark blue, Gold, Ice blue, White, Red. Click here to view Regular Colors
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