Taylor Spiro Pro Spark Plug Wires

$47.00 Red (set 6)
Taylor's 8mm Spiro-Pro outperforms the competition in both looks and performance... at a price you can afford. Spiro-Pro is the choice for your 3100 V6 series Grand Am, it's simply the best high performance 8mm wire you can buy for the street or track. The Spiro-Wound conductor consists of a high conductivity resistor conductor spiral wound with stainless steel wire and covered with a conductive fluorocarbon material. Spiro-Pro wires provide more power to the spark plugs than OEM resistor core wires, up to 10 times less resistance than standard resistor core. We carry these spark plug wires in RED or BLUE. Installation is easy and SHIPPING IS FREE.

Taylor Spiro Pro Spark Plug Wires $47 (set 6) -
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