Torqued Rim inserts

Regular $11.00 (24)
Reflective $15.00
These vinyl decals are made to fit in the indentations of your Grand Am's Torqued style rims. We have these in many different colors (colors listed below). The picture above shows Reflective Blue inserts. We provide you with 20 inserts for all 4 rims + 4 extras. These Only work on the Chrome Tech Torqued rims, they will not work on the regular aluminum torqued rims. Decals are easy to install and are very durable. SHIPPING IS FREE.

Torqued Rim inserts (24) - Regular colors are $11.00 - Click here to view Regular Colors
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Torqued Rim inserts (24) - Premium colors are $15.00 - Click Here to view Premium colors
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